ESPN Gives In Detail Report on Who Mike Sam is Showering With (Video)


It is all about football………..

I warned you that it would be the media, not necessarily Michael Sam, The Rams or the NFL that would push this “gay football player” agenda. That is exactly what is happening. Instead of talking about Sam’s on the field play it is all about who he is showering with and him sacking Johnny Manziel.

This was never just about football, especially to the media, this was about making the “internet” explode every time the gay football player did something, even if it was something routine and that is sad.  What we want is equality and the best way to do that is just treat Michael Sam like every other NFL player in the league.

11 thoughts on “ESPN Gives In Detail Report on Who Mike Sam is Showering With (Video)

  • Why the hell do people care h

  • Ridiculous. Asinine. Disrespectful. All he asked was to be judged as a football player.

  • If you’re seeking equality like stated in the article, maybe your website shouldn’t be labeled “black sports online”

    That title only serves to further drive the racial divide.

    • It never takes long for one you to pop up with this dumbshit. *Sarcastically* Yeah, naming a site “Black Sports Online” is really doing it. LOL!! Nope you don’t say this to the people who run Yahoo Sports who never delete disgusting racist comments. Not even to the countless cops killing Black men. But this site is. LOL!!

  • In all honesty, this is exactly what Michael Sam wanted; the media to focus on his sexual orientation. Who cares if he is gay..As long as he’s a good player. So, Michael Sam know that disclosing his sexual preference would keep him relevant and in the spotlight. #ThinkAboutIt

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