ESPN Suspends Dan Le Batard Over LeBron Billboards



I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but guess it was.

The backstory is Le Batard wanted to buy an ad in an Ohio Newspaper to troll LeBron and Cavs fans, but the paper refused. Instead Le Batard bought six billboards and spread them around the Akron, OH area.

Most people thought it was funny, maybe petty and a little juvenile, but nothing to get suspended over. It was his own money, unless he took money from the ESPN petty cash, I am not understanding.


  1. The Heat had nothing without LBJ. LBJ had his time away home. It just happened that Bosh and Wade wanted to team up with him. Now Miami is bitter over the same thing that happened to Cleveland. Get over it and move on. Miami is irrelevant now.

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