ESPN Suspends Dan Le Batard Over LeBron Billboards


I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but guess it was.

The backstory is Le Batard wanted to buy an ad in an Ohio Newspaper to troll LeBron and Cavs fans, but the paper refused. Instead Le Batard bought six billboards and spread them around the Akron, OH area.

Most people thought it was funny, maybe petty and a little juvenile, but nothing to get suspended over. It was his own money, unless he took money from the ESPN petty cash, I am not understanding.

6 thoughts on “ESPN Suspends Dan Le Batard Over LeBron Billboards

  • If ESPN suspended Le Batard for this, then that tells me that ESPN has a vested interest in Lebron going back to Cleveland.
    If you remember, that Bristol Conn. network’s coverage was all positive and one sided; barely any reports from Miami. Don’t be surprised if Lebron and the Cavaliers win the championship. If the Cavaliers win, it will be the biggest sports story of the 21st century and the network owned by Disney will regard Lebron as a worldwide hero.

    • If the NBA is fixed, why is New York, Boston and LA irrelevant? Would not the big market teams be the ones that would bring in the most $? You must be a bitter Miami fan.

      Le Batard’s billboards were idiotic. If anything, Miami fans should be thanking Lebron for the 2 championship rings he brought to their city. What a waste of money. Good for the Clevelanders who took LeBatard’s money. The joke is on you LeBatard.

      The attitude of Miami fans thinking that Lebron owes them anything is laughable. It is amusing to me how Miami fans can be so bitter even though they were so quick to judge Cleveland fans for feeling the same way.

      LeBetard is bitter and the billboards make him look stupid. His irrational stupidity was damaging to the ESPN brand by association. They were forced to suspend him to distance themselves from such nonsense.

  • Wow! ESPN is trampling on a private citizen’s rights and the suspension is akin to censorship. Never was ESPN’s name associated with Le Batard’s actions…if ESPN doesn’t get involved, I (and probably the majority of sports fans in the country) would never had know he worked for ESPN. Le Batard should take the reality show network (ESPN) to court over trampling his civil liberties and censorship! Unless he used ESPN’s money and their name, they have no right to suspend Le Batard.

  • I’m a big fan of Dan Le Batard and a die-hard Cavs fan since 1970. I see nothing wrong with having some fun. Quit being so damn serious. He was just saying that without the Heat, LeBron would have no rings… SO YOU ARE WELCOME!! What in the world has happen to the sense of humor in this country. It was a joke, pretty clever, and not ONE PERSON was hurt. Grow up..

  • what happened to freedom of speech?

  • The Heat had nothing without LBJ. LBJ had his time away home. It just happened that Bosh and Wade wanted to team up with him. Now Miami is bitter over the same thing that happened to Cleveland. Get over it and move on. Miami is irrelevant now.

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