Ex-Employee Suing ESPN Over Sex Photos


Awful Announcing via Deadspin is reporting that an ex-employee of  ESPN is suing the network alleging that her boss took pictures of her and then photoshopped them to make them look “sexually provocative,” before posting them online.  

The ex-employee, Heather Paskewich filed suit last month in Connecticut Superior Court and the case has been moved to federal court.

Heather Paskewich, who worked as Commercial Operations Assistant and later in the International On-Air Marketing Department, alleges that her former supervisor, Heli Soto, offered to take pictures of her after overhearing her talking about modeling. Paskewich claims in the suit that after the photo shoot, she had trouble obtaining the pictures from Soto and after getting a CD of some, but not all of the photos, she noticed Soto had distorted “them to make them appear sexually provocative.”

Paskewich added that Soto also put the pictures online without her consent and they were again photoshopped as well.  

Paskewich said she took a medical leave for stress in 2013, but before her return to work, she was laid off.  She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages including back pay, interest and all lawyer’s fees.