Ex-NBA Stephen Jackson Says Ferguson Cop Dreamed of Killing Black Man

Stephen Jackson

When you live in a constant state of paranoia of the cops, it makes you wonder if they get a rush out of killing unarmed individuals.

What Stephen Jackson said is something that a lot of people think. Basically, they like killing people and getting away with it. Here are his comments via TMZ.

“You gotta be walking around holding on to that inside you. It had to be a dream of his to kill a Black man. Especially considering the head shots they say he fired.”

Jackson says he’s not surprised by the rioting because … “When you lose someone like that it just reminds you of all the other people that you lost to this type of stuff.”

He added … the one positive he’s observed is that it’s not only Black people protesting. As Jackson sees it … injustice is injustice, “It doesn’t matter what race people are, they are going to react.”

9 thoughts on “Ex-NBA Stephen Jackson Says Ferguson Cop Dreamed of Killing Black Man

  • That is an appropriate comment from a pro athlete with an IQ of 70.

  • Such racist comments to a kid who never killed anyone and if you saw the video he shoved the store owner he never struck him but yet you all justify a officer shooting him dead you guys are worst then the officer that recklessly pulled the trigger over and over again.Sad sad sad how you all think since when does stealing a 5 dollar box of cigars equal death you all sound racist as can be with your comments and in my book if you sound that way 100 percent of the time your are that way,I’d bet my life you sorry excuses for human flesh would do the exact same as that officer (racist bitches)

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