Ex-NFL QB Scott Mitchell Going on ‘Biggest Loser’



Playing in the NFL is one of the most physically imposing things a human being could possibly do. Taking hits constantly and having to get right back up to continue means having to be in peak physical condition at all times during your playing career.

However once that playing career ends, it’s not difficult to see how players could put on some serious weight. After years of training daily, players relax and the pounds come piling on. That’s exactly the case for former NFL-ers Scott Mitchell and Damien Woody, who according to Pro Football Talk, will be joining NBC’s the Biggest Loser in hopes of slimming back down.

Mitchell, who has ballooned to 366 pounds, is one of the contestants on the next season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.  Joining Mitchell is former NFL offensive lineman Damien Woody, who currently is 12 pounds short of four spins.

While Woody being close to 400 pounds isn’t all that surprising for a lineman, a former quarterback ballooning to 366 pounds as Mitchell has is quite the shock. At least both men are trying to do what they can to get in better shape, good luck to them both.