Fan Gets Homer Simpson-RG3 Inspired Haircut (Photos)

Homer Simpson RG3 Haircut

I am not exactly sure what is going on here, so I am going to let the Washington Post explain.

Jesus Cruz was surprised to learn that Instagram photos of his latest creation — a haircut depicting Homer Simpson wearing a Robert Griffin III jersey in front of a Redskins logo — had started to make the Internet rounds on various sites after they were shared on Twitter last night.

“That was something I just put together on Monday,” Cruz, who runs Cruz Cutz Barbershop in Moline, Ill., told me. “I saw a picture of Homer Simpson saluting like RGIII does and just incorporated a jersey on there. I mean, ‘The Simpsons’ are running all day right now on FX and football is about to start, so the timing was perfect.”

I am still confused, but it takes talent to do these type of haircuts, but as much as I love Homer Simpson I wouldn’t want him shaved in the back of my head.  Does this make Mr. Burns a Kirk Cousins fan?