Feds Told Ferguson PD Not to Release Mike Brown Vid, They Did it Anyway

Mike Brown Robbery

If you go into a store, steal something and walk out, you should be arrested. Pretty simple, but if you commit a crime and you are executed minutes later for something that had nothing to do with that crime, why would the crime be the focal point for the police?

This is common sense. Mike Brown stealing the cigars had nothing to do with the Ferguson police officer assassinating him on the street. If I walk out of my house and I punch a guy in the face, then I walk around the corner and a totally different guy shoots me (and isn’t a cop), do you think the police are going to spend all their time talking about the altercation before or look for my killer?

But when it is a cop doing the killing it is all about misdirection and putting the victim on trial. Was Mike Brown a good or bad kid, I have no idea, but what I do know is he surrendered with his hands up and got a bullet in his brain and several more to the chest for it and frankly that is all I care about.

Seems like that is all the Feds cared about too, but the Ferguson PD is trying to cover up the crime. Here are the details via CNN.

Friday’s release by Ferguson police of video allegedly showing teenager Michael Brown robbing a store shortly before he was killed last week came over the objections of federal authorities, a law enforcement official told CNN on Saturday.

Ferguson police had wanted to release the video Thursday, but it held off when the U.S. Justice Department asked it not to, arguing that doing so would increase tensions in the community, the source said.

Yet the city’s police chief released it Friday, the same day he released the name of the officer who he says killed Brown, 18, minutes after the alleged theft.