Fox News Reporter Resigns After Caught Stealing Wallets (Mugshot)


Sabrina Rodriguez

The interesting thing is they didn’t fire her, they let her resign. Wonder how many other reporters they would have done that for?

A Fox40 news anchor accused of helping her partner steal wallets worth more than $2400 has resigned from her job.

Police claim March 2013 security camera footage shows Sabrina Rodriguez, who worked as a news presenter for the TV network Fox40, helping her partner Nicholas Gray take 10 wallets, worth $2500, from a Sacramento store without paying.
Rodriguez has now been charged with grand theft, burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Court documents obtained by The Desk show a Folsom Police Department officer was called to the Coach outlet store on March 24 last year after employees had been told by a witness that Gray had been seen taking wallets without paying.
A review of the in-store footage showed Rodriguez directing Gray to the wallets and helping conceal his actions as he placed them in his personal bag.

It was when Gray was arrested for an outstanding warrant in May this year that a search warrant was received to check his iPhone, and text messages were found allegedly implicating Rodriguez in the thefts.

Text message conversations between the two showed Gray telling Rodriguez: ‘I got 8 $350 cashmere sweaters plus skirts I got rent’.
And in separate instance, Rodriguez responded to his texts, telling him: ‘I love when a plan comes together’.

Nice mugshot.

H/T Daily News

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  1. “The interesting thing is they didn’t fire her, they let her resign. Wonder how many other reporters they would have done that for?”

    If they fire her, they have to show cause. If the case against her is thrown out on a technicality or such, she can sue to get her job back.

    If she resigns then they don’t have to worry about taking her back.

    So, if your point was to make some comment about it being a Fox station then you are just stupid, and a better question is why CBS let Dan Rather retire after his BS story about Bush #43. Rather KNEW that the person who he got the info from wasn’t credible, and used it anyway. So, they let him retire and the 4 others they were supposed to fire were still working at CBS 6 months later.

  2. You have to be really stupid to think you can get away with stealing in this day and age. There are cameras everywhere and everybody is watching everybody.

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