Groupie Says Date with NBA Player Turned into 3 Hrs of Kardashians & Penis Rub (Video)


Recently, MTV’s Carly Aquilino from Girl Code told a story of a time when she visited an NBA player’s house for what she presumed was a date. Unfortunately for Aquilino, she quickly learned that there’s no such thing as going to an NBA player’s house for a date.

Long story short, Mr. NBA forced her to watch 3 hours of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and ended the night by farting and putting his penis on her. Aquilino claims that she was completely weirded out by the guy the entire time but was stuck at his house because there was a huge snow storm happening outside. It’s fair to presume that no one would want to brave a snowstorm, but my question is how did she even make it to his house during the snowstorm? In fact, throughout the video, Aquilino bashes Mr. NBA for being ugly. Why go to someone’s house that you’re not even attracted to? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not vouching for the unnamed player, but this sounds like a classic tale of a groupie who thought it was more than what it was. Sorry Carly!

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2 thoughts on “Groupie Says Date with NBA Player Turned into 3 Hrs of Kardashians & Penis Rub (Video)

  • Her account of the story is riddled with examples of bad judgment on her part. Groupie, groupie groupie! Go somewhere and sit the hell down.

  • I hate UGLY women that think they’re cute And tell lies. This NBA player is as real as Manti Teo’s ex girlfriend. Smh

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