Hakeem Nicks: I’m In the Best Shape Of My Life


It seems the Indianapolis Colts and Hakeem Nicks need to get on the same page.  Days after offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton blasted Nicks for his conditioning, Nicks came out himself, and proclaimed he’s in great shape.

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” the receiver said. “I came in weighing 209 when I was supposed to come in weighing 212. After Pep came to me to clarify, he said that he (meant) everybody’s getting into game shape right now — it’s the beginning of camp. He came apologizing to let me know he wasn’t just singling me out.”

Nicks is currently the third wideout behind Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton on the depth chart. It’s imperative for him to get with the program or risk proving the Giants did the correct thing by letting him walk in free agency.  

Nicks says he’s ready to bounce back from last years disappointing season.

“My mentality is I’m shooting to be the best in the league at my position this year,” Nicks told Anderson. “I’m not trying to make headlines. I do stand on that, but I know it’s going to take teamwork. Once you put the team first, everything else falls into place.”

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