Jackie Robinson West Tees Sellout At Dick’s


JR West, Luck

Despite losing the Little League World Championship series to S. Korea this past Sunday, Chicago’s Jackie Robinson west captured the hearts of America and have gained some pretty dedicated fans.

The Chicago Tribune has reported that ever since a sporting goods store in Chicago started selling J. Robinson West Championship tshirts, they have been flying off the shelves with fans standing in line for two hours waiting for the store to open.

“To see a team of young African-American kids from the South Side take over the attention of our nation is exciting,” said Brooks, a 40-year-old contract administrator who works at a downtown firm. “I’m not a baseball fan by any stretch. But I’ve never seen an all-African-American, local Little League team go so far. I had to show my support.”

“Baseball was always boring, but these young men made it exciting,” she said. “Just to watch them and see their passion, their class and poise. There is so much negative said about young African-American men, but they broke all the stereotypes. They were just having fun, and they probably don’t even understand what they are doing for our city.”

Dicks is no stranger to selling tshirts for Jackie Robinson West as they have been doing this for the team for a fundraiser but since their recent success in winning the US Title, the sporting goods store has been selling out! 7,000 shirts were ordered in and in hours they were gone. Its exciting to see this country rally behind 11 year old black boys from South side Chicago. It gives America a different look into what has been pegged as a violent city. Jackie Robinson West shows that despite the stereotypes that have plagued that city, with a little positivity, support and good faith they can have the opportunity to be more. Do more. Congratulations, Jackie Robinson West.

(Chicago Tribune)


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