Jacob Coker & Blake Sims Both Listed as Starting Bama QB


Jacob Coker Bama QB

Since Jacob Coker decided to transfer to Alabama, most everyone had him pegged to be the replacement to AJ McCarron. The battle between him and Blake Sims seems to have been fierce during the fall and now we have this gem from the first Bama depth chart:

On the depth chart released Monday, the quarterback position was listed as follows: “6Blake Sims/14 Jacob Coker.”  Presumably the players were listed in numerical order.

In discussing the position, Saban did allow that a decision would be made in the coming days.  Whether that’ll become public knowledge before the opener against West Virginia is unknown.

When Nick Saban first said that Sims was really competing at SEC Media Days, I thought it was just coach speak. It seems like Coker is not guaranteed the spot. The coaches like Sims’ athleticism by all accounts and Coker has not been as impressive as his legend indicated he would be.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on for a team ranked preseason #2. Bama opens up with West Virginia on Saturday night.

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