James Harden Wants to be Team USA’s Leader


Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets

James Harden has done a lot of confident talking this offseason. It came out that he wanted to be a lockdown defender which is the best joke I have heard all summer, he said that he was the best player in the world, and now this. He is ready to be the leader of Team USA:

“I think these past couple of years have prepared myself for this situation, seeing how I can lead a team in the (Houston) Rockets,” Harden said Tuesday.

“In Oklahoma City, I had a little leadership role, but I was the sixth man,” he said. “I didn’t have the majority of the say-so. Now, it’s prepared me in my game, being a leader, being able to talk to my coaches and better myself and coming out here and having confidence as a leader to kind of talk and communicate.” […] “I love James,” Krzyzewski said. “We have a great, great relationship. And that communication between the two of us could translate to even better communication with the guys on the floor. … Since Kevin left, he’s asserted himself even more.”

There is something to be said for wanting to be THE MAN right? The problem for me is that when Harden says things like this, it always seems a bit forced to me. Plus, I don’t know if Team USA should really want Harden to be the leader of the team. Someone has to step up though and I guess he gets props for wanting to do it.