Jimmy Johnson Says Jerry Jones is Rich A**hole

jimmy johnson

It’s no secret that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and former coach Jimmy Johnson don’t get along. Despite winning several times as head coach, Johnson and Jones parted ways. Recently, Jerry Jones said that he wouldn’t consider putting Jimmy Johnson in the Cowboys Ring of Honor, which is pretty much a slap in the face considering Johnson was integral in bringing those championships to the city of Dallas.

When asked his thoughts on Jones, Jimmy Johnson summed it up nicely.

“About like I expected,” Johnson said in an e-mail. “Jerry comes across as a rich a–hole.” 

The loathing between these two is quite impressive, since they clearly do great things together rather than apart.

[h/t NBC Sports]

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Johnson Says Jerry Jones is Rich A**hole

  • LOL LOVE IT!!!!! Jimmy is RIGHT ON about Al Davis Jr

  • Jerry Jones is an asshole! He wants to coach the cowboys and wants a coach to kiss his ass. He has that in Jason Garrett. I use to love the Cowboys. Not anymore. Love jimmy Johnson

  • The cowboys were once a great and respected franchise for great players and winning then jerry came along. Now the cowboys are known for jerryworld, a big screen tv and jerry making lots of money. The only contribution jerry ever made to winning football was hiring jimmy. Troy was already coming here under landry and irvin was already here back then. Jimmy wheeled and dealed and created a winning football team. Barry won with it for one year. With jerry whealin and dealin after that it has consistently deteriorated regarding talent. The exception was when parcells came in for a while. Jason is trying but jerry always finds ways to screw things up with stupid contracts or trying to chase after movie star payers with no heart and guts to win consistently. It was a sad day when jerryworld came to Dallas forever. will they ever become a dynasty again? Heck will they ever win again????

    • Strange how when you purchase something and own it, you get to control how that thing operates. If you do not like how it runs purchase it yourself.

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