Kaepernick Says Stereotypes & Prejudice are Reasons He’s Criticized (Video)


Colin Kaepernick Hat

Not to go all Mark Cuban on you, but this is a slippery slope when you are talking what is fair and unfair critiques of athletes.

I think the one-thing Kaepernick does, is clarify that he believe criticism about his tattoos, the way he speaks and his attire in regard to his ability to lead a team are unfair in this video provided by Bleacher Report.

Two things should be pointed out. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black or Kaepernick, you aren’t beyond being critiqued for your performance on the field and any mistakes you make off the field. That is fair game. But, as journalists and fans you can’t blend in tattoos and somehow try to associate that with quarterback rating, that is stereotypical and prejudice.

Second thing, Chris Simms, I am sure is a nice guy, but the interview seemed more like a fan interview, than a reporter interview. That was just my observation, seemed a bit too giddy to be speaking to his “Top 5 Quarterback”.

I appreciate Kap’s honesty, I would have like Simms to have asked him how does he feel about people who critique for his play and nothing else, because there is nothing unfair about those critiques even if you disagree with them.


  1. Actually everything Deon stated was nothing short of factually and that’s rather disrespectful to tell an adult to shut up simply cause your view or opinion differ Tyson… Nowner in saying loom at the facts or numbers why is Sam Bradford unquestion as a starter he has had more than enough time as a starter to either show greatness or backup Qb Talent.. Matthew Strafford the same deal.. I even question this MATTY ICE for the Falcons he has had a hall of fame tight more than above average wide receivers yet he can’t win a playoff game but they praised him as the successor of Vick and they still aren’t a serious factor for nothing championship wise not even expected to win the the division… and I can go on an on with these Qb who gets a pass versus the few minority Qb’s who don’t. …. and this is my opinion

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