Kentucky Releases 2014 Hype Video “Change the Game”

Mark Stoops extension


The Kentucky football program has had some buzz with Mark Stoops running the show. It’s mostly due to the recruiting success they have had because they haven’t been very good on the field going 2-10 overall and 0-8 in conference play.

Stoops has been excited this offseason about the improved leadership on his team and feels they are ready to head in the right direction though. To get fans excited about the upcoming season, they released this hype video titled “Change the Game.”

It’s a pretty impressive video. Enjoy.

[Kentucky Wildcats TV]

One thought on “Kentucky Releases 2014 Hype Video “Change the Game”

  • They haven’t won an SEC football game since 2012! Its juniors on there roster close to graduation and has never had a conference (SEC) win. Smh

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