Kobe & Jordan Identical Shots Part 3 (Video)

Kobe Bryant took some of Michael Jordan's game.


A common knock on Kobe Bryant is that he patterned his game on Michael Jordan’s moves. I always found that silly because if I told you I patterned my writing after Ralph Wiley, no one would knock me but they would say that was normal to emulate the best.

A video has been created by Youssef Hannoun showing just how similar their games are. This is the third in final video of his series called “identical plays.” Check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them. The production of this is very good as well. Just watch it and be amazed.


One thought on “Kobe & Jordan Identical Shots Part 3 (Video)

  • the knock is not just because he emulated it, when emulating something you want to copy it but add your own style to it. the funny thing (or sad thing really) is kobe not only copied mj’s playing style but also, his way of walking, celebrating etc. it would not suprise me if he called mj’s ex wife to find out how exactly mj made love to her so he could copy it. imitation is a form of flattery. but in kobe’s case it is down right psychotic and stalkerish

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