LeBron and Manziel Inspire MMG Stalley’s New Single (Video)


Stalley-LeBron-Johnny Manziel-Ball

MMG rapper Stalley is gearing up to drop his debut album and his first single is inspired by Cleveland’s recent sports good fortune.

Stalley is from North East Ohio and his new single “Ball” shows his pride for that area and his general sports fandom. He also got fellow Ohio native and producer Rashad to create the beat for this new song. It’s perfect timing for this to drop and a lot of people are already hoping for it to be on the NBA2k15 soundtrack.

It’s dope to hear Stalley get back to his “Lincoln Way Nights” sound and bring his style back for his debut album. The single is better than many expected and has the ability to become a summer anthem.

Check Out The Full Song Below: