Le’Veon Bell to Cops: ‘I didn’t know I could get DUI from weed’


Le'Veon Bell Weed DUI

Le’Veon Bell was a bit confused as to why he was getting a DUI after smoking weed. This could have been the effects of the weed or he just genuinely didn’t know the law. I will let you decide from some details from the affidavit :

Bell also sort of denied being high at all as well:

See the full affidavit here.


  1. Where did he say “I didn’t know I could get a DUI from weed”

    Lol, BSO misquoting in the titles now. *applause*

  2. Le’Veon, You do know you’re playing in the NFL and you are not suppose to be smoking pot. But now that the “Cat Is Out of the Bag” you have decision to make. Find a job where you can smoke pot and still act like an adolescent, or grow up and become a man……..

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