Manchester United Fans Planning Anti-Glazers Protest Before Next Game


Manchester United fans are sick and tired of seeing the Glazers (yes the same Glazers who own the Tampa Bay Bucs) pocket most of the profits that the club is making while leaving the team to suffer. And after another summer of inadequate planning and a lack of funding for new players followed by a loss in the opening game of the season, the United fans have had enough according to a story via 101 Great Goals.

Fan channels like Full Time Devils interviewed several fans outside the ground yesterday, all of whom concurred that the lack of action from the club hierarchy can’t go on any longer: the cheque book needs to come out before the end of the transfer window.

And now a group of supporters are putting their words into action, with a protest planned for their next home game against QPR.

Twitter user #ThankYouEvra, an Old Trafford season ticket holder, has nearly got 200 RTs already for his idea.

It’s not going to be the start of a revolution or anything – we all remember the futility of the Green and Gold scarf movement – but it may be the starting point to spark Woodward into action.

United is one of the most profitable sporting organizations in the entire world. They have legions and legions of fans who pour money into the club and they expect the team to be competitive which they weren’t last season due to the fact that the squad wasn’t refreshed with new players.

The Glazers are already hated by the majority if not all of the fan base for the amount of debt they heaped on the club when they took over the club completely in 2005. One way or another their voices will be heard.