Mason Plumlee Says He’s Not On Team USA Because Of Coach K

2014 USA Basketball Practice

Mason Plumlee knows that the elephant in the room-surrounding USA Basketball is his relationship with Team USA head coach, Mike Krzyzewski.  

Plumlee is a former Duke Blue Devil who just happened to beat out some good big men for his spot on the World Cup roster.  The Nets versatile and ever improving big told the New York Post that he believes his talents warrant his selection, not his relationship with his college coach.

“If anybody knows Coach K, he didn’t get to where he is by doing favors for people,” Plumlee said Wednesday. “He’d be the first person to get me out of there if I wasn’t cutting it. He’s all about winning, and by playing for him for four years, I know that.

“Now, I have an advantage in knowing what he’s looking for from me, but he didn’t win gold medals, he didn’t win world championships by doing favors for people. It’s just that simple.”

I agree with Plumlee and believe he hit the nail firmly on the head when he stated that his advantage comes from knowing what Krzyzewski wants.

Plumlee is smart enough to know that he’s going to make his bread with Team USA by running the floor and being a defensive presence.

Kings star DeMarcus Cousins has more talent than Plumlee, but caught flak from Coach K for not running the floor and not being a defensive big.