Miami Dolphins Adopt New Creed After 2013 Locker Room Issues

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

2013 was a year to forget for the Miami Dolphins. Amidst a highly distracting locker room bullying scandal and 8-8 record, the team’s failure to make the playoffs can be chalked up to a lack of direction and focus.

That’s why head coach Joe Philbin had adopted this intense new player’s credo for the organization:

While some may see it as corny (they’d better keep it to themselves), star defensive end Cameron Wake is all for it. He spoke to Mike Florio of PFT on his feelings about the new credo:

“If you go around any locker room, they’ll have all the mantras and the sayings. From my experience, it’s been coach-driven, what they want the team statement to be. He said it should come from you guys. We sat down as a group of men, teammates, brothers and came up with a group of statements about what the Dolphins are and should be.”

It appears the 2014 Miami Dolphins will be a polar opposite from last year’s team. If coach Philbin can get all of his players to wrap around the concepts included in this credo, they might have a chance to turn their fortunes around and actually compete for a playoff spot.

[h/t B/R]