Michael Sam Thanks Rams For Treating Him Like a Football Player

Rams cut Michael Sam

Michael Sam was given a golden opportunity in St. Louis. The 7th rounder came in with immense pressure to perform and he did just that. Sam caused havoc to opposing offensive lines, which resulted in his three sacks during preseason play, but for some reason it wasn’t enough to make the team. Why is that?

Well, first of all people must understand that it was an uphill battle for Sam to begin with. The Rams are very deep on the defensive line and how often does a 7th rounder make a roster anyway?

It would’ve benefited Sam more if he were more versatile. When you’re a backup in this league, your value goes up more if you can play multiple positions. Ethan Westbrooks played special teams, defensive tackle and defensive end. While Sam just played some special teams and defensive end.

At the end of the day, Westbrooks just outplayed Sam.

Although the Rams have decided to move on, this experience is one that he won’t take for granted.

So what’s next for Michael Sam?

The Patriots, Ravens, Falcons, Colts, Browns and Jets were a few of the teams interested in drafting Sam back in May.