Michael Vick Wants To Play Until He’s 40

Jets Rex Ryan Says Michael Vick Could Start Season Opening Game


Michael Vick isn’t ready ready to hang up his cleats just yet. The 34-year-old backup QB for the NY Jets, is eyeing starting QB Geno Smith, as both his ingenue and his biggest rival.

Never afraid of a good old fashioned comeback, Michael Vick was quite vocal about what he thinks he can still bring to the table.

I want to play until I’m 40,”  Vick declared to the NY Daily News, on Thursday. Vick has played the role of mentor to the 2nd year QB, and is making his move to take over, all the while.

“You never envision yourself being in this role (when you’re younger),” Vick said. “But as you grow older, you start to (realize) it’s inevitable. You know it’s going to happen. At the same time, I just try to keep myself in shape and keep trying to be the best that I can be, because you never know what can happen.”

While Smith is penciled in as starter, Vick hasn’t lost hope that he will, once agains start in the NFL, he continued:

“I’m hoping and praying that it can happen at some point,” Vick said. “As of right now, I got to live in the moment. I’m a Jet and I got to make sure that I’m ready to go when there’s an opportunity if I’m needed.”

In case you were snickering about what Vick has left in him, the man beat LeSean McCoy in a footface–not an easy feat. Still, we have to take Vick’s hype session on himself with a grain of salt. He didn’t lose his starter job in Philly by way of a fluke. The constant injuries he sustained, and gaffs when reading defenses still loomed large. Just don’t tell him that…

They grew up watching me,” Vick said. “I was the most dynamic player in this league years ago. Still, in the last couple years. I did things that people didn’t see… and haven’t been done since. And I still can do it. It was a cool era. It was the Mike Vick Experience.”

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  • Reading defenses? Philly had an awful offensive line half the team played better and gave more effort under the rookie. Instead of trying to give a “read” just write what you see. No need for ESPN like antics on here.

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