Michigan AD Calls Brady Hoke Hot Seat Talk “Nonsense”


There has been a lot of talk about Michigan head coach Brady Hoke being on the hot seat. He has been asked repeatedly about it since last year but going 26-13 overall and 15-9 in conference play at Michigan will do that to you. Now his Athletic Director Dave Brandon is firing back at the speculation about his football coach’s job:

“That’s websites and that’s bloggers and that’s social media and that’s all part of the game that’s played out there — let’s stir up controversy,” Brandon said during¬†an afternoon radio interview with Detroit Sports 105.1 FM. “This happens every year. I can’t do very much about that, other than (say), that’s nonsense.

“Brady and his staff are building something very important here. I believe strongly we’re moving in the right direction and I’m looking forward to a great a season coming up. All this hot seat stuff, to me, is just nonsense. I don’t pay any attention to it.”

Oh yes, the old blame “bloggers and websites.” That would normally work on people except I was at Big Ten Media Days in Chicago and heard multiple newspapers and radio stations asking questions about him being on the hot seat. I won’t be falling for that banana in the tailpipe. Right now Michigan does seem firmly behind Hoke but will that change if Big Blue goes through another 7-6 season?