Nicole Murphy Tried to Ruin Strahan’s HOF Weekend Because He Cheated

Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy

It doesn’t matter if Strahan was sleeping with all of the Giants Cheerleaders, it was still very petty of Nicole Murphy to try to ruin his HOF induction weekend by leaking their breakup. I understand she is hurt, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

Here are the details courtesy of TMZ.

Nicole Murphy decided to tell the world she had broken up with Michael Strahan — right when he was entering the Hall of Fame — because that’s when she “confirmed” he was unfaithful.

A source close to the couple tells TMZ … Nicole first got wind Michael might be dating another woman in early July and started investigating … the way scorned women do. We’re told she was finally convinced it was true on Friday and immediately decided to go public.

Without knowing what proof she has, Strahan should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Either way it is over now and if Strahan was having any second thoughts about taking her back, that is probably over now.