Oklahoma Buying Food Truck to Provide Unlimited Snacks

Oklahoma Food truck

Oklahoma is trying to get ahead of the game. The NCAA ruled that schools could provide unlimited snacks for their “student-athletes.” It was only a matter of time before a school came up with a good idea like this. Oklahoma will be buying a food truck to provide more snacks:

“I realize the idea was to give institutions the flexibility to do what they want within their means,” Castiglione said. “But it’s now so flexible that schools can provide full meals to athletes at any time and there will be some schools that will undoubtedly push that envelope. The next thing people will be doing is a comparative analysis for recruiting as to what schools offer more.”

Castiglione said the food truck and perhaps trailers will not be on demand. They will set up in places that ideally can service the most athletes at a given time.

This is such a good idea. Expect more schools to follow suit and for this to become part of the facilities arms race that we see in college sports.