Phil Simms Considering Not Using ‘Redskins’ Name During Games


CBS Sports lead NFL analyst Phil Simms is considering not using the Redskins nickname on air during games according to the Associated Press. 

NEW YORK (AP) — CBS lead analyst Phil Simms is considering referring to the Redskins only as “Washington” when he broadcasts the team’s game against the Giants next month.

Simms will work the Thursday night package the network acquired this season and will have Giants-Redskins in Week 4 on Sept. 25. He says “my very first thought is it will be ‘Washington’ the whole game.”

Simms says he isn’t taking sides in the debate, but added he “is sensitive to the complaints about the name, and his instincts now are to not use “Redskins” in his announcing.”

His partner, Jim Nantz, says it is not his job “to take a stance.”  CBS is allowing its announcers to decide on their own whether to call the team the Redskins. Fox is as well.