Redskins DBs With “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Tribute to Mike Brown


In last night’s preseason game against the Browns, the Redskins defensive backs decided to take a stand and pay tribute to Mike Brown. Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. The Redskins DBs walked through the tunnel with their hands in the air to reference Brown whose hands were in the same position of surrender when Wilson fired his gun to kill the unarmed teen.

“We just wanted everybody to know that we support Michael and acknowledge what happened in Ferguson,” [Brandon] Meriweather told USA TODAY Sports. “Crazy things happen every day in this world.

“It was all of ours idea, something we decided to do as a group just to show our support.”

Second year cornerback David Amerson also commented on the unified decision.

“It really was some of the older guys’ idea,” Amerson said. “As a DB group, we try and do everything together. Everyone agreed to it and we just did it.”

Many high profile athletes have been noticeably silent on the situation in Ferguson, so this certainly was a surprise. Regardless, it’s good to see people finally speaking up about the chaos that has now become the once quiet town of Ferguson, Missouri.

[h/t USA Today Sports]