Roddy White Pays Off NCAA March Madness Twitter Bet to Fan

Roddy White

“All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break them for no one.”

Tony Montana said it best, so when Roddy White tried to get out of this Twitter bet, the world wouldn’t let it slide.

Eventually, White honored the bet and actually went above and beyond. Here is the story via

In the Twitterverse, where too often the silly becomes serious and the serious turns silly, Roddy White says he learned a valuable lesson.

“Never bet anything unless you’re willing to pay up,” the Falcons’ wide receiver said Wednesday.

Mercer won. White paid off … only after endless prodding by people on Twitter (go figure). Actually, he far exceeded on his promise, giving 20-year-old Dylan Hoyt two Falcons season tickets, two Super Bowl tickets, sideline passes to a home game and the chance to come to training camp one day as White’s guest.

The training camp visit came Wednesday. Hoyt, who works on a farm in Monroe County tending to cows and chickens, watched the Falcons’ practice from a shaded VIP area adjacent to the practice fields. He later met with White, as well as teammates Julio Jones and Harry Douglas.

Good for Roddy.