Ron Rivera Says Social Media Has Players Scared to Break Curfew

Ron Rivera

I often wonder what the perception of Michael Jordan would be if social media was around during his NBA glory days.  Would he be as beloved and revered, or would the viral groupie tales and gambling stories cloud our perception of The GOAT?

Carolina Panthers head coach knows that social media has had a huge impact on the sports world and you have to look no further than players avoiding what used to be considered a badge of honor when he was in the league in the 80’s.

Football players read BSO just like you do.  They talk.  Johnny Manziel couldn’t go to a bar on his day off without someone taking a picture, tweeting it and it going viral.  Social media has changed everything.  Not much of anything is private anymore and if someone catches you skipping curfew, you better believe the “No Snitching” rule doesn’t apply to Twitter.