Shawn Porter Wants Mayweather Fight if He Beats Kell Brook


Shawn Porter has said all of the right things heading into tonight’s match up against Kell Brook but he can’t dodge the Floyd Mayweather questions forever.

With the upset wins he already has to his credit and a dominant performance tonight Porter could find himself in the same position Marcos Maidana was last year if not better because he has a championship Floyd can take.

When asked about tonight’s fight being a stepping stone Porter had this to say:

“There are a lot of fighters out there who are so focused on getting into the Mayweather sweepstakes,” Porter said. “I’m not necessarily fighting to get into that sweepstakes. I’m fighting for my career, for myself, my team, my family. I know that along with that comes the pleasure of being in that sweepstakes, but it’s not at the point where I’m desperate to look spectacular against Kell just to get a fight with Mayweather.

“I want to beat Kell, and look spectacular doing it, for myself, my family, my career. I do feel in some ways that fight is going to happen for me, but I’m not sitting here praying and crossing my fingers hoping for it. Floyd’s going to make that choice and he’s going to make it based on the reasons he has. All I can do is create a demand for the public to see me fight and watch me perform, and if that’s enough to get Floyd to pick me, then great.”

Seems like Porter is open to the idea of fighting Floyd, now the dollars just have to make sense to make the fight happen, because we all know Floyd is about the money first and foremost.