Steph Curry Wants Challenge Flags In NBA


Steph Curry Challenge Flags

Referees are human, which means even the best blow a call now and then.  The NFL has tried to make things more error proof with the challenge flag and Golden State’s Steph Curry wouldn’t mind seeing the same concept brought to the NBA.

“Obviously refs are human and they miss calls,” he said. “To be able to make sure they got the right one — maybe give the coach a little flag like they do in football and he gets two or three challenges a game to make sure they get the right call, especially in pivotal situations.”

Not everyone thought this was a good idea, including reigning league MVP Kevin Durant.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t like to see anything changed because I like how the game is played,” Durant said. “It’s not too much control by the coaches or refs or a player, I think it’s perfect how it is. I think if you give a guy — how can you tell if a guy is flopping a lot — if you give coach the right to challenge calls … it would take some purity out of the game I think.”

Durant brings up a good point and I agree.  Giving coaches challenge flags would only serve to complicate things in the NBA more.  With recent instant replay rule changes the league has made sure that the right call is usually made in the most pivotal situations.


  1. Lets see how KD feels about it when he gets called for a foul going for a game winning drive in the NBA finals and Lebron tries to steps in front to take a charge and flops.

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