TCU Blocks Devonte Fields’ Transfer to Stephen F Austin


Wednesday Devonte Fields announced that he was transferring to Stephen F Austin while still under investigation for allegedly pointing a gun at his ex-girlfriend and punching her in the head.

Now TCU has made a ruling that will not allow him to be eligible to play right away so he will not be going to SFA:

After originally agreeing to grant a release to Devonte Fields, which would allow him to enroll and play football at Stephen F. Austin, Texas Christian University has since convened a committee and declared that Fields’ violations of the student honor code has warranted his suspension from the school.

“The decision by TCU renders Fields ineligible, prohibiting him from participating in football related activities at SFA for at least one year. In light of these developments, Fields has decided not to enroll at SFA and will not be a member of the Lumberjack football team.

“SFA head football coach Clint Conque will have no comment, stating this a decision of Texas Christian University and is a matter involving Fields and TCU.”

Well, thats a tough break for Fields and SFA but it’s hard to feel sorry for him based on what he is accused of.

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