TCU DE Dismissed After Allegedly Pointing Gun at Ex-GF


TCU and DE Devonte Fields have parted ways. This comes during the investigation into allegations that Fields threatened his ex-girlfriend with a gun and punched her in the head. 

Now according to Chuck Carlton, Fields will be enrolling at Stephen F Austin and will be able to play immediately:

TCU didn’t  hide behind waiting until “the investigation ran its course.” They made a swift decision and felt comfortable getting rid of him without the investigation had concluded. Stephen F Austin now gets a very good defensive end who is still under investigation in a domestic disturbance.

2 thoughts on “TCU DE Dismissed After Allegedly Pointing Gun at Ex-GF

  • One thing you can always count on is athletes doing something stupid! This guy obviously didn’t learn from Gilbert Arenas or Plaxico Burress. Guys it’s simple, guns are not toys! Never ever pick up a gun, period!

  • Its Not only athletes doing stupid stuff..its everyone; crazy things going on everywhere in america..just pick up a newspaper or read the police reports. athletes are just easy targets for the media.

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