TNA Wrestler MVP Joins Protesters in Ferguson (Photo)


With all of the disturbing developments coming out of Ferguson, MO following the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown, the eyes of the nation have been on the city.

As should be the case which such an appalling situation, social media is ablaze with content and updates on the ongoing happenings in Ferguson. There are people dedicating their days to consistently updating Twitter and Facebook to make sure that the rest of the nation doesn’t forget what is going on in Missouri right now as thousands protest the murder and ongoing police brutality.

And then there are people like TNA star Montel Vontavious Porter (aka MVP), who decided just being angry isn’t enough. Instead, MVP bought a plane ticket and made his way out to Ferguson to protest the situation in person. Take a look at his Twitter feed for more updates.

Good to see MVP take advantage of his ability to actually head out to Ferguson and make a difference.