Tony Parker Gets Married After Signing New Contract



Tony Parker had himself an eventful weekend. On Friday the NBA champion signed an extension with the San Antonio Spurs and on Saturday he married his girlfriend Axelle Francine.

“Parker and Axelle Francine — a French journalist — had a small exclusive ceremony … close friends and family only” – via People.

Tony and Axelle had their first child last year and have been dating since Tony split with ex-wife Eva Longoria. It’d be interesting to find out if prenup stipulations had something to do with the timing of these nuptials. Coming into a marriage with a large contract may deem that Axelle isn’t awarded any of it if they were to separate; opposed to Tony signing it while married which could make it joint property/income.

Nonetheless, it’s great that Tony is enjoying his offseason and we wish them a happy marriage.


  1. I see rich black men marry white women all the time. I have never seen a rich white woman marry a black man.

  2. @ nbaa is fixed Tony Parker Has Never Been Married To A White Woman Eva Longoria is not White neither is Axelle Francine.

  3. His father is African American (Black) his mom is French (white) he’s biracial. In America he is considered black. Just like the president and Biracial people during slavery.

  4. Congrats to the couple. I wonder how Eva feels since she and Tony were married for a while and she never got a baby out of it lol

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