Vernon Davis Buys $100k Customized T-Rex Batmobile (Photo)

T-Rex Batmobile

Can you even drive this on the street?

Check out the breakdown of the T-Rex.

The folks at RoadStarr Motorsports tell TMZ Sports … Davis recently picked up a 1400RR, which had to be converted to hold his 6’3″, 250 pound frame.

We’re told they took apart the whole 3-wheel bike was taken apart, raised the roof … stretched out the frame — and then packed it full of some SICK features.

Vernon’s T-Rex has speakers inside and all around the bike, touch screen stereo system with navigation and reverse camera, smoked out lights, and a string of LEDs at the bottom. Plus, the thing does 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds!

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  • I bet you this guy will be broke in ten years.

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