Wade’s Wedding Guests Will Be Fined If They Break Confidentiality Contract


Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

I think Dwyane Wade might be overestimating how much people care about his wedding. It isn’t like he is a Kardashian or anything. I don’t think the Wade wedding photos could be sold for $1 million. Whatever the case he is making his guests sign this long contract basically swearing them to secrecy.

Here are the details per TMZ.

We’ve obtained a copy of the confidentiality agreement drawn up for D-Wade and Gabby — we’re told relatives, guests, vendors, caterers … in short, everybody … will have to sign it before setting foot in the wedding.

TMZ Sports broke the story … guests have already been told not to bring cell phones or cameras to the wedding this Saturday in South Florida.

The doc goes even further … warning that ANYTHING seen or heard at the wedding is confidential information that must be kept secret — including any personal info or financial details.

According to the agreement, violators will pay a hefty cash fine for unspecified damages.

So, if LeBron (if he is still invited) decides to post an Instagram, Wade is going to fine him? I’d love to see that.