Woman Dying of Cancer Donates Reward for Helping Capture War Machine



War Machine has finally been apprehended by the police for brutally beating his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, and it’s all thanks to a woman named Mary Casamento. Casamento happened to be staying at the same hotel where War Machine was hiding out as a fugitive from the law.

According to Casamento, she heard some noise coming from War Machine’s room and a woman ran out looking bloodied. Casamento called the police, who came and took War Machine into custody. Because of her information, Casamento scored a reward of $20K. $10K is from Mack’s family and the other $10K comes from “Pawn Stars” star Corey Harrison.

Here’s the twist. Casamento didn’t want the money. Instead, she donated the full amount to a battered women’s shelter in Santa Clarita, CA. Casamento happens to be dying of cancer, and according to her, she has more money than she needs for her life. This is a great gesture on her part.


[h/t TMZ]


  1. Good thing she allowed her name to be put on blast all over the media….now all of his so-cal knuckleheads can track her down and ask why she felt the need to snitch

  2. I’d snitch. This wasn’t the first time he did this to Mack and this time he almost killed her. I’ll snitch in a second.

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