EMU Football Players Accused of Beating Cousin of Man Who Killed Teammate

Demarius Reed

Last year Eastern Michigan WR Demarius Reed’s life was cut tragically short when he was shot and killed outside his apartment. In January, Kristopher Pratt pled guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 18-30 years in prison. Court records show that Demarko, Taylor, Pratt’s cousin was assaulted by three EMU football players in retaliation for their teammate’s death.

Darius Scott, Quincy Jones and Jairockeis Jones have all been charged with a single count of misdemeanor aggravated assault. No weapons were used in the beating but Taylor did suffer a broken bone and his face and had to get stitches as a result.

In a phone interview Taylor described the incident in detail.

He said he was with two friends and told them, “Watch, they’re going to turn around and jump me.” Not long after, he said the Dodge sedan the three players were in turned back around. Taylor said he tried to talk to them, saying he had nothing to do with Reed’s murder, but the players didn’t listen.

“They’re not trying to hear it,” he said. “They want revenge or something.”

Taylor said one person charged him and took a swing at him. He swung back and then they all charged him and he couldnt defend himself.

Taylor testified in January that he lived in the University Green apartments, the same place where Reed lived and died. He testified he spoke to Reed on Oct. 17, hours before Pratt shot and killed Reed during a robbery.

Taylor was with a group, including Pratt and Thomas, in the early morning hours of Oct. 18. He said he left the party they were at and went home about 3 a.m. Pratt and Thomas went back to the party without him and eventually returned to his apartment later.

He said Thursday he didn’t know anything about Reed’s death until later.

“They think I have something to do with it, and I do not,” he said.

This is a very unfortunate situation. I understand these guys are still mourning the death of their friend and teammate but taking the law into their own hands is not the answer. The man who committed this heinous crime will be locked up for a very long time. Attacking his family members will not bring their friend back. It will only call for more retaliation. I hope these boys can get some proper counseling and truly begin the healing process.