GM Says Teams Afraid to Sign Michael Sam Because of Media Attention


This is exactly what I was afraid of and why I begged and pleaded with the media to just talk about Michael Sam as a football player and ease up on calling him the 1st openly gay football player or worrying about his shower habits.

I don’t think the majority NFL teams and players care about a player’s sexuality. There are plenty of gay NFL players and their teammates know about it. Michael Sam made a mistake with the Oprah fiasco, but from that point on he has been trying to just focus on getting better as a football player, but the media wouldn’t allow it, so it is giving teams an excuse not to sign him.

I agree with Freeman, that teams should just care about getting the best players on the field, but even that becomes an issue

I call it the Tebow Syndrome. When a backup or someone who isn’t a main contributor is the most popular player on your team, that can cause chemistry issues even if the player isn’t doing anything wrong. That is why Tebow is currently doing Steve Spurrier impressions on the SEC Network.

I saw enough of Sam to know he has a skill set to be on someone’s roster, no one is questioning that. Most teams can benefit from an extra pass rusher and I hope he gets an opportunity. When you are looking to cast blame, the finger should be pointed at the media who didn’t treat him like a football player, but who turned him into a Kardashian for ratings.

One thought on “GM Says Teams Afraid to Sign Michael Sam Because of Media Attention

  • You can’t possibly be this disingenuous. It’s the media’s fault for this fiasco, really? What did Michael Sam think would happen when he decided to announce his homosexuality on ESPN…exactly what did happen, people talking about his being the first openly gay player in the NFL and even that isn’t true. This fiasco is his fault because he used his homosexuality to ensure he got drafted as sports pundits were stating he was too slow to play in the NFL at his position.

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