Goodell Allegedly Wants Charlie Strong to Teach Him How to Discipline Players

Roger Goodell StruggleNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell allegedly wants a crash course on player discipline from UT’s head football coach Charlie Strong. With the NFL swimming in absolute turmoil over their handling of domestic violence cases following the Ray Rice scandal and the alleged cover up, Goodell is desperate to clean up the NFL’s image and repair all of the damage that has been done over the last several weeks.  According to Longhorns Insider Chip Brown, Goodell wants to meet with Strong to discuss his commitment to his five core values.

Strong has dismissed nine Texas players over violations of team policies and suspended three others since taking the reins from Mack Brown. Even at the risk in disruption of his program, Strong has taken a stand for doing what is right over doing what helps a team win a game.

Strong has said repeatedly that he runs his program based on five core values.

The values are honesty, treat women with respect, no drugs, no stealing and no guns.

If anybody can teach the Commissioner how to discipline players it is Charlie Strong. His team might be 1-2 but he sure knows how to send a message about the type of behavior that will and will not be tolerated by his players.