Patriots Vince Wilfork: The Chiefs Beat Us Like We Stole Something

Patriots Loss, Luck

Well he’s not lying.

The Patriots didn’t look like a normally high functioning Tom Brady team. After Monday’s 41-14 loss to the Chiefs, the Patriots are stunned at their performance. This isn’t something they are use to. And what does 11 year veteran Vince Wilfork say about this? The team needs to refocus and defensively get better.

“We just never got anything going; nothing,” Wilfork said. “Defensively, we started the game with a couple of stops in the run game. That’s the only thing we had in the whole game. We could never keep them in third and long or get a handle on the run game. It just wasn’t good enough. I give credit to them. They didn’t do anything we didn’t expect them to do. They just executed. They executed perfectly.

“We were always out of the game, it seemed. We knew they feel comfortable playing from ahead. We knew it was going to be tough. We took one on the chin. They beat us like we stole something. It’s pretty bad, but we have to correct mistakes and move forward. This is a short week. We will watch the film and hopefully we never have this feeling again, because it sucks to have this feeling. We knew it was going to be a tough game. They basically destroyed us.”

Its not just defensively but collectively, the whole team needs to watch film and get better BUT lets not discredit the Chiefs in this, they came to win and did so with no mercy. Alex Smith was 20/26 with 248 yds and 3 TDs, Smith should be recognized as leading his team to a great victory.

(H/T Providence Journal)