T.Y. Hilton Trolls Richard Sherman With Autograph (Photos)

T.Y. Hilton Sorry Sherman

We all know that Richard Sherman can hold his own when it comes to trash talking, but in a change of events Indianapolos Colts ride receiver T.Y. Hilton clowned him.

Yard Barker shows an autographed photograph of Hilton showing him outrunning Sherman. Hilton then added “Sorry Sherman” under his name and number.

Hilton gave the picture to Colts fan Alec Rohr at a Collector’s Den signing. Alec then delivered the picture to Twitter.

T.Y. Hilton Alec Rohr

The irony behind this picture is Sherman did a similar action to Michael Crabtree after the NFC Championship game.

Richard Sherman Sorry Crabtree

Sherman also made a comment on a picture of him and Tom Brady saying “U Mad Bro?”

Richard Sherman U Mad Bro

It takes a lot to outsmart Richard Sherman and Hilton definitely beat him at his own game.

We’ll wait to see how Sherman reacts because I’m almost positive he’ll have something smart to say.