Braylon Edwards Rips Geno Smith And Rex Ryan (Video)


When you have a 1-4 record due to bad quarterback play, mediocre defense and coaching gaffs leading to lost games, everybody take shots. One of those shot takers is Braylon Edwards. Edwards has been very candid and critical of Head Coach Rex Ryan and Geno Smith. Edwards appeared with Chris Carlin on SportsNite on SNY where he was asked if the Jets’ head coach, has too much belief in himself and whether that confidence can get in the way for Ryan and the Jets sometimes Braylon response:

 ‘It definitely can, and you’re seeing it now. I feel like Rex has had so much success, from Baltimore to the Jets early on in his tenure there, that now that it’s not going his way he does not know how to dial it back and simplify. He wants things to work his way so he can get the credit for it’

Edwards continued by responding to Geno Smith missed meetings:

 Things happen, OK? No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. There are alarm clock issues… there are changing time zone issues. So things happen, however it can’t happen. So you have to come down on him like a ton of bricks. You have to come down on him, say ‘Hey you are the leader of our team. You are the franchise of our team. Geno, this can’t happen.’ And this message needs to conveyed to him over and over and over again. And it doesn’t help when the guy who is supposed to convey it to him, comes out and says ‘I wasn’t prepared to be the backup quarterback.’

With comments like these credibility comes into play and Edwards is not pristine. Edwards was late to a team meeting with the browns, because he had taken a helicopter to a college game. Edwards was also pulled over while driving 120mph with a vomiting passenger. Also Edwards was tagged for drunken driving.

If I was Edwards I would stay out the pundit game. Video of Braylon Edwards on SportsNite SNY.


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  • Please give geno a chance. His surrounding cast is not that great either. Braylon is unemployed. We understand why he is so bitter.

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