Dez Bryant Says Visor, New Cleats is Why He Went Off in 2nd Half vs. Giants

Dez Bryant Says New Cleats and Visor is Why He Went Off.

Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant wasn’t living up to his billing during the first half Sunday. The pro-bowler only had two catches for 15 yards, but the second half would be a totally different story.

Bryant caught seven passes for 136 yards in the second half. It was a minor change at halftime that made a huge difference.

We all have our daily routines and when you skip one part of it, your day may not go as smoothly. This was the case with Dez during the first half.

 “Had to go back to being Dez,” Bryant said. “I wore my visor this week as y’all can tell. Truthfully, it makes me feel a certain way. I feel like I have to go back to being me, wear the things I normally wear and don’t try to do anything different. I am like that. I am just that kind of guy. I am back to me.”

Opposing corners can only hope Dez doesn’t wear his visor when defending him.