Pau Gasol on Kobe Bryant: “He Pretty Much Wanted to Retire Together”

Kobe Pau

Well aren’t these two just adorable.

Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol labored this past off season when deciding whether to leave the Los Angeles Lakers and one of his best friends in Kobe Bryant or seeking pastures anew. Ultimately, he decided to leave LaLa Land signing a 3-year $22 million deal with the Bulls but he says Kobe didn’t make the decision-making process easy on him.

“(Bryant) wanted to pretty much retire together,” Gasol told Michael Lee of the Washington Post. “That was an attractive option. One part of me wanted to stick with him and try to turn it around.”

“But deep inside of me, I felt it was time after everything that I’d been through that I wanted to put myself in a position where I was highly stimulated. Kind of change directions a little bit, fresh start and get going again.”

The Lakers seem to be losing their appeal, they’ve been getting curved by free agents a lot lately. At least they still have Swaggy P…

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