Dez Bryant Encouraging Brandon Weeden After INT (Video)

Weeden Dez Bryant

I have seen enough of these to know that Bryant wasn’t yelling anything negative at Weeden, it is likely he was encouraging him, but with no sound it looks like he is yelling at him.

Dez because of his past never gets the benefit of the doubt, but in this case, I don’t think he did anything wrong.

H/T Big Lead

One thought on “Dez Bryant Encouraging Brandon Weeden After INT (Video)

  • Granted, Weeden did not have the best of days, Sunday. That said, the NFL’s worst pass defense managed to stick like glue to Bryant, who had a hard time getting open enough to really catch much of anything. Two losses in a row; looks like the other teams are starting to figure out the Cowboys. Yes, Weeden pretty well stunk things up, but the Dallas offensive line and defense as a whole, didn’t help matters much. You certainly can’t blame Weeden for DeMarco Murray running for less than a 100 years for the first time this year. Another performance like this, and even Tom Brady would have a difficult time moving the ball.

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