Golden Tate Says Loss Against Patriots Was Embarrassing

Golden Tate

Detroit’s’ offense just couldn’t click last night and lost to the Patriots 34-9. The Lions didn’t score one touchdown, which seems to becoming a trend. Golden Tate is calling their loss embarrassing and expecting the offense to become a threat against the Bears next week.

“It’s one of those games, we just … it’s embarrassing,” receiver Golden Tate said. “We’ve got to chalk it up and have a short-term memory. That’s the most important thing, not to lose our swagger, not to lose our confidence. 

“Just come out with a mission, come out on a mission to really take it out on our next opponent, which happens to be Chicago, who is also another good team regardless of what their schedule says.”

Many of us will be surprised of Detroit doesn’t make it to the playoffs come January. They have the tools to be a competitive team, the bottom line is them using their tools and maintaining consistency.